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Real Estate Litigation - Claim Your Property​


Buying and/or selling a home is often the most important and rewarding financial transaction in a person's life. But with great reward comes great risk - to flip the old adage backwards.


So too does renting a home or buying and selling commercial real estate carry great risk and reward. And, unfortunately, the large body of sometimes complex and arcane laws governing people's right to possess, use, and enjoy land, dwellings, and office space can appear daunting and confusing. 


But fear not. The Albergo Law Group is well-versed in the pitfalls of real estate transactions that lead to litigation. Our attorneys have experience handling both commercial and residential real estate litigation, including actions to quiet title, breaches of lease agreements, claims of fraudulent inducement and failure to disclose, property easement disputes, security deposit issues, and contractor and lien claims, among others.


Our clients include large hotel chain franchisees, condominium associations, multiple-dwelling and single-dwelling landlords, as well as home sellers, buyers, and renters. 


Whether your real estate dispute arises from an investment property or your childhood home, we have the knowledge, skills, and drive to ensure that your interests are protected so that you can return to - and enjoy - your home or office space once again. 

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