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Bankruptcy Litigation / Creditor's Rights - Protecting Your Money


​In essence, the Bankruptcy Code is designed to help people and businesses that face substantial financial difficulties to reorganize their debts or divide their assets among their creditors and thereby refresh their financial status.


Too often, however, the protections and benefits of the Bankruptcy Code are abused by crafty individuals and businesses seeking to avoid paying their creditors even though they can. In these cases, the Albergo Law Group pounces.


We represent creditors who, for example, won a money-judgment in court against a bankruptcy debtor and believe, with good reason, that the sole reason why the debtor filed for bankruptcy is to avoid paying. This is, in short, fraud - or, at best, bad faith. 


Our attorneys have handled high-stakes, multi-million dollar bankruptcy litigation matters in which we have represented judgment-creditors alleging fraud and bad faith - and have successfully recovered monies owed despite forceful resistance. 


Of course, sometimes bankruptcy debtors truly do need the protections and benefits of the Bankruptcy Code. But that doesn't mean you, as a creditor, should get nothing. In such cases our attorneys will ensure that your interests are protected, that no one cuts you out of any deals, and that, ultimately, you get as much of what you're owed as possible.

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