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Chancery Litigation - When it's about More than Money


New Jersey is one of only a handful of states that still have a separate court (or "division") exclusively devoted to hearing cases that are about more than money but, rather, also involve "equity." This special court in New Jersey is called the Chancery Division, which is part of the Superior Court. 


Chancery Division judges can grant relief in civil and probate matters that goes beyond merely awarding a sum of money when a party wins a case. Although these judges can, of course, award a monetary judgment to a successful litigant too, they can also award “equitable” relief when necessary - in other words, chancery judges have the power to order parties to “do something,” either to perform a specific act, or to refrain from doing a particular act. 


Cases before the Chancery Division are heard by a judge without a jury, and often the most experienced judges are assigned to the Chancery Division due to the great power such judges wield. It is here where many complex business, real estate, and probate disputes are heard.


Some of the more frequent types of cases Albergo Law Group attorneys handle in the Chancery Division are: 

  • Specific performance and other equitable contract remedies

  • Quiet title actions 

  • Partition of real estate

  • Injunctions, temporary restraining orders and protective orders

  • Emergency relief

  • Contract reformation and rescission

  • Business and partnership breakups, shareholder litigation 

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